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I've been exploring conditionalism (primarily via the RH podcast and associated sources) over the past year and am near to fully embracing this position on final judgment. As I've explored it, my thoughts on biblical anthropology have been challenged as well. To me, physicalism/monism seems to fit with conditionalism better than dualism, both theologically and hermeneutically. That said, I'm not totally sold yet and I'm still exploring the topic.

That said, a few questions:

1) Regardless of your stance, what are the best books you have read that deal with physicalism/dualism which may be resources to those of us who are investigating the topic?

2a) If you have moved toward a physicalist view, what contributed to that change?

2b) If you are a dualist who embraces conditionalism, what convinces you of dualism?

I appreciate your interaction with this!]]>
General Discussion Sat, 06 Jan 2018 17:35:46 +0000
Subject: How to Respond to "Jesus Taught ECT" - by: SarahsKnight
That's it. Enough said.

My history may not be complete and on the nose here, but, if we wanted to get technical, we actually COULD deny that Jesus taught hell, right? He warned of the fate of being destroyed in Gehenna, not hell, if we are in fact going by specific terminology here, because the original term was Gehenna, not hell, right? Now, I assume that whenever a traditionalist uses the argument that Jesus taught more about hell than heaven, that they are acknowledging that He is actually referring to Gehenna and they just believe that hell is a good enough interchangeable word with Gehenna since they believe either way that eternal conscious torment is the unbeliever's ultimate fate.

But the main point here is, the traditionalist believes that hell immediately equals eternal torment, so since, at least in the KJV bible, Jesus mentions hell (for example: "You vipers! You hypocrites! How will you escape the condemnation of hell?") in the written records of His ministry, then Scripture must be teaching ECT without question (never mind what many a verse in the rest of the NT and all throughout the OT seem to say in contrast to ECT).

So how does one who believes CI is the more Biblically accurate viewpoint on heaven and hell respond to "Jesus taught about hell (and more than He did about Heaven)"?

Because it seems that when using this specific argument as support for ECT, the traditionalist will only accept anything Jesus Himself said as an acceptable response from the conditionalist, so a verse from any other area of Scripture - regardless of what it says - will be off-limits and/or dodging the argument. So it looks like we'll have to limit ourselves to anything Jesus said in the Gospels as a counter. But other than Matthew 10:28 and John 3:38, I really don't know what I can use as either a Scriptural response or an argument from logic. Pretty much everything else Jesus says when referring to Gehenna or the fate of the unbeliever in any way seems to paint a picture that can at least align with ECT, even if He never outright says the words "eternal torment".

Any suggestions, please?]]>
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Subject: Satan's Fate - by: chloebess
Can someone give me their opinion on the difference between eternal life and immortal life? I believe that eternal life is a gift that is dependent on the only One (God) Who has immortal life (self-sustaining).

With this in mind, then I can see Satan possessing eternal life at the will of God, but that he will be killed by the only one who is immortal.

If this is true, then CI really comes into focus for me because it makes Satan subject to the same Judgment we will all face.....meaning he is just as mortal as we are, even though he is a spirit. Also, the whole "lake of fire" makes more sense because Satan will not survive it either.

Hope this makes sense.]]>
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Subject: Eternal torment never sat right with me - by: brucemcd777 ]]> General Discussion Wed, 27 Dec 2017 17:48:21 +0000