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ERASING HELL, a book by Chan and Sprinkle
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TOPIC: ERASING HELL, a book by Chan and Sprinkle

Re: ERASING HELL, a book by Chan and Sprinkle 6 months ago #5179

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I listened to it years ago before I knew that Sprinkle leaned towards CI. I thought it was okay. I don't remember anything particularly negative. Both Chan and Sprinkle struck/strike me as godly men (having nothing to do with their theology). I remember a brief nod towards annihilationism/CI as a possibility.

Of note: My local library has Rob Bell's "Love Wins" and "Erasing Hell" (audio books at least), but they have no CI work (such as, "The Fire that Consumes").
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Re: ERASING HELL, a book by Chan and Sprinkle 4 months, 4 weeks ago #5197

Just started looking into the topic of annihilationism..what first sparked my interest was when i read an article earlier this year on the word perish..he pretty much made the case that there is no way this word means to suffer somewhere forever..but more like cease to exist or be destroyed. I will tell you..the teaching of eternal torment has never sat right with me and i never knew there was another Biblical way to interpret it..sadly i never looked into it much..because almost every church i've attended taught the traditional view..it was almost too disturbing for me..so i kind of avoided it..did not want to lose my faith in God or Scripture over this teaching..probably another reason us believers should really take a closer look..just want to say this interpretation makes waaay more biblical sense to me and of what i know of God and His love, grace, and mercy. Not to cast aside his holiness and justice. It;s just we must take them all into account when interpreting His Word..God bless

Re: ERASING HELL, a book by Chan and Sprinkle 4 months, 4 weeks ago #5198

This same book Erasing Hell has also been recommended to me

Re: ERASING HELL, a book by Chan and Sprinkle 4 months, 4 weeks ago #5199

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The book, for me, is a "light weight" book on everlasting torment. When they wrote it they believed it, but not with that much conviction.

Apparently they have had second thoughts since they published the book, and a good thing, too, because their presentation was only skin deep.

Annihilation makes more biblical sense, and fits Scripture, it is just hard for people to get over what they have been taught for so long.

Best wishes on your journey to truth, and how much better you will feel about being a Christian once the awful idea of God punishing forever is gone from your thinking.
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Re: ERASING HELL, a book by Chan and Sprinkle 4 months, 4 weeks ago #5200

Thanks..I really appreciate it..I've been sharing some real good articles on the annihilationist position with my Christian family and friends..starting to feel a little exiled from them LOL..the Bible verses for that position is overwhelming and they really have not given me a good explanation except to share a few of the verses where it mentions the lake of fire or the gnashing of teeth. I think another great argument for annihilation is how we gain our immortality..it is through faith in Christ and His gospel period..it's how we live forever..so clear to me..and fills in the missing piece in my faith..really so glad God led me to this Biblical interpretation. Been studying the Bible for years and finally this topic makes sense and gives me lots peace about it..His truth will do that ..God bless and thanks..because of Him- Bruce

Re: ERASING HELL, a book by Chan and Sprinkle 4 months, 3 weeks ago #5202

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Good for you, Bruce. And welcome to the forum! If you have any questions or thoughts you want to explore, feel free to start a thread.
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