Episode 100: Celebrating One Hundred Episodes!

Several members of the Rethinking Hell team gather to celebrate one hundred episodes of the Rethinking Hell podcast! Peter Berthelsen, Darren Clark, Mark Corbett, Chris Date, Joey Dear, Peter Grice, Glenn Peoples, Nick Quient, Christopher Ray, Daniel Sinclair, William Tanksley, and Graham Ware chat about the systematic implications of conditional immortality, the recent conference in Auckland, upcoming conference and ministry plans, and more! Also featuring words of appreciation and questions from you, the listening audience!

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  • Jim O

    Thanks so much for all the work and effort involved in producing such great resources on this site. May God bless the proclamation and promotion of the truth of His Word.

    (Also, I am not on Facebook; if you have a group in Portland my email is jimottaway@hotmail.com.)

    • Peter Grice

      Thanks very much, Jim! We’ll pass on your email address to our chapter in your region, so you can be notified of meetups, etc.

  • vp123

    It was asked who should RT reach out to and I thought of Tim Mackie of the Bible Project. From what I’ve seen he seems to hold to ECT but has seriously thought about the subject. And the the presentations they make are terrific.

    • vp123

      and one more – Michael Horton of White Horse Inn

  • disquswithme

    Like Chris D. stated in this milestone episode, I’ve also found that CI has made me care more for the life of others. Not only their eternal life or lack thereof, but this life now too.

    I’m not sure why. Maybe I used to think that this little blip of time doesn’t really matter since everyone will live forever anyway. Now I believe (with sadness) that this life will be the only life that some people have. Our eternal life and service to God is far more important, of course, but there’s a reason God wants us to give generously to others. Life is a blessing and it should be good.

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