Episode 90: Fear, Fire, and the Pharisees; A Response to Joel Richardson (Part 1)

Rethinking Hell contributors William Tanksley and Nick Quient join Chris Date to respond to arguments against conditionalism recently published by Joel Richardson, host of the web TV series “The Underground.” This episode contains part one of their discussion; listen to episode ninety-one to hear the rest.


“Joel’s Trumpet,” the ministry home of Joel Richardson
Joel’s Vimeo channel hosting episodes of “The Underground”
Chris Date’s interview in episode thirty-three of Joel’s show, “The Case for Rethinking Hell”
Episode thirty-four of Joel’s show, “Jewish Views of the Afterlife and Hell”
Episode thirty-five of Joel’s show, “Exposing the Errors of Annihilationism”
A Consuming Passion: Essays on Hell and Immortality in Honor of Edward Fudge
Rethinking Hell Books
Criticisms Podcast
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  • James Gray II

    Chris, ever think about narrating audiobooks or something? Seriously, I thought you actually knocked that Philip Larkin poem reading out of the park. Also recognized that Dylan Thomas poem from the film Interstellar. Oh, and +1 for frontend development – I’m some sort of full stack web developer. God bless!

    • Chris Date

      That’s very kind, James :) I’d love to narrate audiobooks if someone were to hire me to do so. You should reach out to some publishers on my behalf :)

      And yes! We full-stack web developers gotta stick together!

  • bolingme

    Love the snippet from the song Heaven and Hell.

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