Episode 85: Her Gates Will Never Be Shut, with Brad Jersak

Brad Jersak joins Rethinking Hell contributor Graham Ware to discuss hopeful inclusivism, apokatastasis, and the Church Fathers, as well as Jersak’s book, Her Gates Will Never Be Shut: Hope, Hell, and the New Jerusalem.


Jersak’s book, Her Gates Will Never Be Shut: Hope, Hell, and the New Jersualem (Amazon)
Jersak’s website
Rethinking Hell Conference 2015 DVDs, including Jersak’s presentation, “The Hopeful Inclusivism of Von Balthasar and Kallistos Ware”
Jersak’s article, “Layering the Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus”
Interviews Podcast
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  • HaakAway

    Thanks for the dialogue on this issue. It still seems a ‘bridge too far’ for me but it is great to be educated and civil about it.

    The book title seems to reflect poor exegesis although I heard no direct reference to it. If Jersak means reconciliation is pictured by open gates then I think the image to the Roman readers has been lost. Aren’t open gates an image of being at peace as opposed to hostility? So it in fact pictures an end to evil rather than supporting the idea of an ongoing presence of evil that will only be changed over years and years.

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