Episode 70: The View From the Outside, with Andrew Whyte (Part 1)

Rethinking Hell contributor Chris Date is joined by former evangelical turned agnostic, Andrew Whyte, to discuss one unbeliever’s perspective on the intramural evangelical hell debate. This episode contains the first hour of their two-and-a-quarter hour discussion.


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  • Brian Kelly

    Very enjoyable interview, but this was hardly a view from the outside. I think it would be interesting to either do a survey or a “man on the street” interview to get a real view from the outside.

  • Ben Trigg

    Hi guys, I’m enjoying this episode. As a lifelong Ichthusite (since birth, I’m now just shy of 30) I thought it would be worth clarifying that Roger Forster identifies as a Relational Theologian rather than as an Open Theist. On the scale of God’s Foreknowledge he places it between Arminianism and Open Theism. Small point but worth making as I know he objected to hearing that his Wikipedia page classified him as Open! (I think that has since been updated.) Great work, love the show and Chris, I know you’ll come off the Calvinist wall soon ;-)

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