Episode 49: 2014 Book and Conference Teaser

Rethinking Hell: Readings in Evangelical Conditionalism editors and contributors gather for a supersized episode of the podcast to share details about the 2014 Wipf & Stock publication, and July’s inaugural Rethinking Hell conference!

Rethinking Hell Book and Conference Links

Rethinking Hell Book Announcement
Rethinking Hell Conference Announcement
Conference Website, with Details, Call for Papers, and Registration
Conference Podcast
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  • The Remonstrant

    I hope all goes well at the upcoming conference. Unfortunately, I cannot attend.

    It is encouraging to see annihilaitonism/conditional immortality gaining more traction in Protestant circles. Luther, Calvin and Arminius don’t have the final say on the nature of final punishment. The reformation needs to continue with reconsidering the doctrine of “hell”.

Featured audio: Dr. Al Mohler & Chris Date debate
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