Episode 34: Why Didn’t They Tell Me That? with Mike Owens

Mike Owens joins Rethinking Hell contributor Chris Date to discuss his recently published book, So, Why Didn’t They Tell Me That in Church?, and the topic of its controversial tenth chapter promoting conditionalism. And click here to support the 2014 Rethinking Hell Conference with a donation of $10 or more and receive a special edition copy of Mike’s book!


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6 Responses to Episode 34: Why Didn’t They Tell Me That? with Mike Owens

  1. Daniel says:

    Is this podcast about calvinism or rethinking hell?

    • Chris Date says:

      It’s about rethinking hell.

      • Daniel says:

        Ok, just thought this episode was a bit too much calvinism. Aside from that, I really think the podcast is very good and very welcome. Greetings from Norway.

        • Chris Date says:

          Thanks, Daniel! The reason why we spent some time on Calvinism is because Mike was my guest, and we were talking about his book, the bulk of which promotes Calvinism. I didn’t think it would be fair to have him on as my guest and ask him only questions about the final chapter and its related issues.

          We at RH do not endorse Calvinism over other soteriological perspectives, and Mike thanked us in the interview for not taking a stance on that issue.

          • Dan says:

            It’s definitely a good sign of theological compatibility when you see conditionalism being embraced by noted figures on both the Calvinist and Arminian sides of the issue (I.H. Marshall coming to mind as one prominent Arminian).

  2. Mike Owens says:

    Hi Daniel and other listeners of RH. – Chris was quite a gracious host in allowing me to tell a little about how God brought me out of “traditionalism” through the death of my son. Even though some may tag my thinking as calvinistic, I do not. My beliefs are strictly biblical and founded on what I’ve seen God do – if that happens to fall within calvinism or reformed theology – so be it. The subject of EVANGELICAL CONDITIONALISM is up against traditional concepts that are lacking in a broad understanding of all the scriptural evidence and preconceived notions. Each of the other 9 chapters in my book fall within that same battle ground. As we RETHINK HELL, we should consider rethinking many other traditional ideas against scriptural evidence with open hearts and open minds.

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