Episode 22: The End of the Unrepentant, with Webb Mealy

Dr. Webb Mealy, author of The End of the Unrepentant: A Study of the Biblical Themes of Fire and Being Consumed, joins Rethinking Hell contributor Chris Date to discuss the final annihilation of the unsaved as part of a systematic, premillennial eschatology.


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  • Looks like the CEB translators also see things Webb’s way, translating “Son of Man” as “the Human One.” http://thebiblicalworld.blogspot.com/2011/11/cebs-human-one-explained.html

    • webb

      I’d like to think that they got that rendering from me, but probably they just came to the same translation choice through the same process of consistent reasoning about the purpose of translation.

  • Private

    The theology went deep on this one. Good stuff.

  • Roy

    This is a really exciting episode Chris. Some of the things he was saying seemed a bit weird – but I had to keep reminding myself that I once believed in an eternal torment view of hell and annhilationism may have seemed weird then :) . That is, I’ve got to follow the evidence.

    Would you be able to do a follow up and flesh out some of the differences between the two of you around the eschatological views? I think the gaping differences will help stretch the community and exploring these differences will help greater clarity and confidence in what the scriptures actually teach us – regardless of which perspective is adopted. Maybe you can bring in Dee Dee too because she holds to the traditional view of hell, so it could be really dynamic – but obviously would be good if it was 2-3 hrs long.

    • Chris Date

      I do think it makes sense to do an episode on different millennial views and how they impact/are impacted by conditionalism, etc. I’ll talk to the team about doing something like this. Thing is, even within premillennialism, apparently, there are differences, since Robert Taylor (for one) would, as a premillennialist, differ from Webb on Matt. 25:46 and such. So we’d need a whole gaggle of people in the discussion :P

  • I was quite surprised and pleased in hearing Webb’s eschaetological views. With a few exceptions, they pretty much are identical to what the Seventh Day Adventist Church has believed since it’s inception and what I believe. Not too many see what I’ve seen and it is refreshing! It makes the most sense in the interpretation of the 1000 years and the final judgment and it fits perfectly with annihilation. It’s quite simple: Christ comes, totally makes the earth without ‘form and void’, the righteous are taken to heaven, the wicked are destroyed by the brightness of Christ’s coming and remain dead for the 1000 years while Satan and his demons are released to wander throughout the earth. After the 1000 years, the wicked are resurrected for the great battle where the final judgment takes place, fire comes down out of heaven and annihilates the earth, the wicked and everything else so the new heavens and new earth are created.

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