Episode 19: Eternity: Heaven or Hell, with David Reagan

Dr. David Reagan, author of the book Eternity: Heaven or Hell?, joins Rethinking Hell contributor Chris Date to discuss his book and what convinces him that conditionalism is the biblical view of final punishment.


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  • Roy

    Really liked the insight on eternal judgement and eternal salvation. I just need to look them up now :)

  • Ken Bussell

    Very good. Thanks!

  • The Remonstrant

    Until listening to this podcast, I was personally unaware of Mr. Reagan and his work.

    I appreciated Mr. Reagan’s no-nonsense approach during the interview with Mr. Date, all the while keeping a gracious demeanor.

    Here again we see a diversity among evangelical annihilationists regarding the state of the dead. Reagan clearly ascribes to a conscious intermediate state whereas other conditionalists maintain an agnostic position or think of the dead being in a state of non-consciousness or non-existence prior to the second advent of Christ (the Parousia).

    Despite our differences on this aspect, we are all in agreement regarding the ultimate state of the lost following the day of judgement: death—the reversal of life, non-existence, cessation of being.

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