Episode 17: The Truth About Heaven and Hell, with Douglas Jacoby

Douglas Jacoby, author of the upcoming book What’s the Truth About Heaven and Hell? joins Rethinking Hell contributor Chris Date to discuss his book, his unique take on Conditionalism which he calls Terminism, and his experience as a long-time conditionalist.

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  • The Remonstrant

    I was very pleased to hear this interview.

    Prior to listening to this podcast, I was already familiar with Mr. Jacoby’s name as I had run across an article or two of his online over the past few years. Honestly, however, I have not been particularly acquainted with his work or his theological stance on the doctrine of final punishment.

    Jacoby articulates himself extremely well throughout the podcast. (I get the sense he is a skilled orator.) As is typically the case with evangelicals who convert to the annihilationist view, he presents his disagreements against the traditionalist concept of “hell” in a conciliatory—as opposed to hostile—manner. In true Protestant fashion, the call is to heed Scripture as the sole authoritative source of truth.

    For whatever the reason, when I saw his name Rethinking Hell, I assumed he would take the traditionalist position of eternal conscious torment (ECT) of the lost. Needless to say, it was a very heartening experience to learn Mr. Jacoby ascribes to the conditionalist view. Personally I find it especially encouraging seeing larger numbers of evangelicals seriously reexamining the Scriptures and arriving at essentially the same conclusions I have regarding the final state of the lost. This gives me greater confidence that the traditional view is indeed false.

    Easily one of my favorite podcasts yet.

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