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Episode 6: Erasing Hell with Preston Sprinkle (Part 2)

Part two of Chris Date’s discussion with Dr. Preston Sprinkle, co-author of Erasing Hell with Francis Chan, to discuss why, though finding himself now leaning toward conditionalism, a few passages still give him pause.

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    Great to hear stimulating and quality discussions on this subject that needs to be revisited by everyone! I affirm y’all!

    Just a note to keep this as accurate and solid as possible. With that said, my investigation to what Seventh-day Adventist DO NOT believe that Satan or any being will be given the gift of eternal life.

    Anyone who chooses to turn down God’s extravagant gift of:

    forgiveness, but more than this
    His pardon–but far more than this
    wants us to be His disciple-students
    His healing of our character (that we daily allow to grow or we choose to let die),
    His friends –that never comes to an needless end
    His Ambassadors — telling the world the truth about YOU!
    Adoption into His Family that reminds us that we are belong to the Celestial Royal Family +++
    . . . All of these will choose the wage of death (Romans 6.23 / Psalms 34.21/ John 3.16,17more if desired)

    Thanks for playing your unique role that is making a positive contribution to getting this subject investigated that can set folks free from what now has been used by Deceiver for way to long!

    Strength & Honor,


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  • I felt that Chris’ attempt at explaining some of these texts was more complicated than it needed to be (i.e., bringing in Daniel 7 and saying the imagery being seen is actually eternal torment). I think Revelation 20 is easily interpreted when we see the language being used in Isaiah 34 of the destruction of Edom is figurative language denoting annihilation. ‘day and night’ simply means ‘continuing uninterrupted’. ‘forever and ever’ is relative to whom it is talking about. Because the wicked are not immortal, ‘forever and ever’ can be translated as ‘as long as life lasts’. (See 1 Samuel 1:11, 22 for an example of how ‘forever’ is temporary). In other words, Revelation 20 can be interpreted as ‘And they shall be tormented continually as long as their life lasts’.

  • william lloyd

    All of these are great! I was listening to the discussion about the torment, “day and night’ and I thought to myself, “Won’t there be no day and night in heaven or the eternal realm?

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