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Episode 5: Erasing Hell with Preston Sprinkle

Dr. Preston Sprinkle, co-author of Erasing Hell with Francis Chan, joins RethinkingHell.com contributor Chris Date to discuss why, having leaned toward the traditional view of hell when the book was published, he now finds himself leaning toward conditionalism.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1479831165 Tarnya Burge

    Dr. Preston Sprinkle makes mention of E Earle Ellis. Here is a link to Ellis’ book “Christ and the Future in NT History”, Chapter 14 is “New Testament Teaching on Hell”

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  • RobertH

    These episodes with Preston Sprinkle, Episodes 5 & 6 are by far the best podcasts an annihilationist should or could show to someone who is securely in the historic camp of eternal conscious punishment.

    • RobertH

      I just want to reiterate this point by making a second post. I am somewhat antagonistic and a lot unsympathetic towards this view and so sometimes the people (yes I know that is not a correct connection) but in these episodes I felt we had genuine dialogue and a real conversation. In my opinion these are your best podcasts by far, Chris.

      • Chris Date

        Thank you, Robert, I sincerely appreciate that!

  • Cindy Skillman

    I enjoyed the interview and intend to listen to the subsequent one. The conversation was courteous and the points well made. That said, I’ve gone through this and into the actual GOOD news ;) but maybe this will be a way point for you all as well. Loads and loads of respect for Dr. Sprinkles for his intellectual honesty. It’s important to keep our hearts open to the Holy Spirit and to the possibility that we MAY be wrong about some of the things we “know.”

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