Harold Eberle, founder of Worldcast Ministries & Publishing, joins Rethinking Hell contributor Chris Date to discuss his evangelism, conditionalism, and his book, Hell: God’s Justice, God’s Mercy.

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Although some details of the 2014 Rethinking Hell Conference have been in place for over a year, we have only recently finalized the rest of our conference schedule, including breakout session speakers and other details, which we are excited to share with you all now. If you haven’t registered yet, visit our registration website here! Continue reading

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Dr. Shawn Bawulski, Assistant Professor of Theology at LCC International University, joins Rethinking Hell contributor Chris Date to discuss a variation of traditionalism known as “reconciliationism,” and some of the challenges to conditionalism which he offers in his 2010 Philosophia Christi article, “Annihilationism, Traditionalism, and the Problem of Hell.”

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In debates about any topic, you are likely to find somebody who makes an argument that fails for the following reason: they didn’t think through the logical implications of their argument. They didn’t think about how their reasoning would lead to a conclusion that, for one reason or another, they wouldn’t want. The topic of hell is no exception. It is not uncommon for traditionalist arguments to fall flat for this reason.

Of course, annihilationists can be guilty of this as well. Hopefully, as we think about the overall idea of logical implications more and more, we will not only see flaws in the arguments of others, but also in our own (when they exist), so that we can keep improving.
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Rethinking Hell contributor Nick Quient joins guest contributor Ronnie D to respond to various comments made about hell and annihilationism by Hank Hanegraaff, the “Bible Answer Man” and President of the Christian Research Institute.

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